At Kofo Agro, We are masters at Garri Processing.

Established in 2017, Our primary aim is to produce Nigeria's finest garri under the best hygienic conditions.

KofoAgro satisfies the needs of the nigerian community by producing the best quality Garri consumed locally and in the diaspora.

At Kofo Agro, we go a step further to process our cassava waste into 'Grits' for ruminants and High quality cassava peel mash (HQCPM) which is used as a substitute for maize in animal feed formulation.


At Kofo Agro, our quality has placed us on the pedestal to access the United States (US) market with native Nigerians who live across the United States. We have dedicated distributors in the following cities; Illinois, New Jersey, New York and the state of Texas. Kindly direct all distribution, purchasing and marketing enquiries to






Best Quality Cassava Products

Thinking of fine quality garri? KofoAgro has taken extra measures to ensure we serve the Nigerian community, nutricious, well packaged and superior quality garri produced under the best hygienic conditions.

Having gone through the international standard organization processes to ensure quality, we distribute our garri locally and internationally.

Our garri comes in various weights including 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg & 25kg at affordable prices to the public.



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Cassava Grits

We clearly understand the ecological impact of wastes, and that is why at KofoAgro, we embraced 21st century waste management recycling process by reprocessing our cassava peels into different grades of coarse casssava grits such as cassava peel cake for cattle feeds and dried high quality cassava peel for poultry, fish and pig feeds that are highly nutricious and healthy for your livestocks.

In light of the current conflict between herdsmen and farmers nationwide, we are offering this cheap feed to cattle breeders all over Nigeria as a viable and peaceful alternative, to curb the constant clashes which is as a result of cattle feeding on the crops of small farmholders. This product comes in various weights including 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kgat affordable prices to livestock breeders.

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